Word-of-mouth marketing has been a popular form of marketing for businesses. The reason is simple – we have a greater tendency to trust the opinions of family, friends as well as social media influencers and celebrities we look up to.

So, how does it work?

1. Trust

As mentioned, if you compare an advertisement made by a brand itself to one that a happy customer provides, the latter appears more legitimate simply because it is assumed that customers don’t have much reason to praise a product unless they genuinely like it.

Also, a friend or a family member’s opinion is more likely to be taken into account by the average person – even more so if they share similar tastes and interests.

Image Credit: onlyaesthetics.sg

Image Credit: onlyaesthetics.sg

A social media influencer such as a popular lifestyle blogger that one admires, is more likely to be able to influence a customer’s purchasing decision too.

Of course, word-of-mouth marketing is not limited to just these groups of people – news publications, or even the review of a customer you don’t know are also effective forms of word-of-mouth marketing.

As long as a customer trusts the words of someone who talked about your product or your business, word-of-mouth marketing will work.

Tackthis has a built-in Product Rating and Review function for customers to provide their thoughts and feedback on your product.

This allows other customers to tap on this review and decide if they should eventually purchase your product.

customer review

This is a good way to assess the popularity of your products as well as to boost sales, especially if reviews on your products are largely positive.

Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing through customer reviews is an effective way to build trust in potential customers!

2. Reach

Word-of-mouth marketing allows for greater reach because of the extensive power of social media now. In the past, a review or a comment about a particular product would typically only be able to reach a limited number of people.

Image Credit: juztoday.com

Image Credit: juztoday.com

Now, with social media, a single post on various social media platforms will be able to reach numerous within a few seconds.

If you didn’t already know, Tackthis has a built-in social media integration tool, where you can share all about your shop on social media platforms of your choice.

social media integration

A simple code will be provided for you to paste on any social media platform you want. This makes sharing about your shop so much easier! We also have a QR code function for you to view your shop in mobile mode quickly and easily.

With the ability to share about your shop and products on various social media platforms, word-of-mouth marketing can be done seamlessly as well. The extent of social reach through social media platforms is why referral marketing works efficaciously.

3. Target

Finally, marketing through the word-of-mouth leads you to your target market. You will be able to find out from whom and to whom your products are being shared about.

demo targetting

This allows you to analyse the demographics of the market to which you should better aim your marketing efforts at.

Not only does this help you in your marketing strategies, it aids you in your product and pricing decisions as well!

Since it is crucial to analyse your customers, Tackthis has just the tool for this function. Besides Google analytics, we offer shop analytics such as the Order and Checkout analytics that allow you to better identify your market and ultimately decide the starting point for your word-of-mouth marketing tactics.

To sum it up, word-of-mouth marketing is not only cost-efficient, it is effective and may possibly be the most used marketing tactic today.

As entrepreneurs, what better way to encourage this effective strategy by rewarding our customers for their honest reviews and referrals to others?


For example, this can be done by offering discounts to customers who share about your shop and your products on Facebook. Tackthis allows you to do this easily via the Share Promotion tool.

With that, there’s nothing stopping you from employing word-of-mouth marketing as a strategy for your online business anymore!

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