In the present day, electronic commerce has become extremely popular. It is a strong development. People have taken to virtual purchasing like never before. Offline retailers have also wondered about how to start an online shop and have made the move. There are many ways in which such etailers have increased their consumer base to their virtual store. One of them is email marketing. However, there are some points that should not be followed while using this idea.

The point of using this form of marketing is to give a boost to sales and improve customer care operations. It has to be ensured that this is implemented well or else the results may not work in the favour of the store offering an online shopping experience.


how to start an online shop


Pointers to keep in check:

  • A picture does speak a thousand words, but spending excessive time on coming up with a cool creative is not a good idea. It should be effective, but put it up on time. This can also lead to a loss in revenue.  This contributes to only 20% of the returns. Make sure you invest your time in a wise way.
  • Now that you have wondered about how to start an online shop and have got it up and running, you can use this idea of marketing. Make sure that you do not send a single mail to a large number of people. This idea is quite outdated. Because of technology, you can understand your customers in a better way and can understand their browsing pattern. A touch of personalisation is always a good idea. You can understand their likes and dislikes, and accordingly come up with a fascinating mail, which will catch their attention.
  • It may happen that your emails may not lead to immediate sales, but that does not mean you keep increasing the frequency. This cannot work in the favour of your store. You may end up losing some of your customers. It is not a good idea to test the tolerance of your customers with such ideas if you are into online shopping or any other field.
  • Another idea, which can be like a death knell for your store is using some particular events for promoting your offerings. There are some events, which should not be considered while coming up with such offers. Imagine a situation wherein a tragic event has been used. If you have considered this idea, this line of thought should be changed.


In contemporary times, competition has increased and etailers are using different kinds of ideas to deliver a flawless online shopping experience to their customers. This is a great idea as they can effectively cater to the needs of their consumers. Researchers have also stated that the use of this method has led to a substantial amount of returns for ecommerce sellers. So, if you have a virtual store, you can use this form of marketing to connect to your customers and widen their smiles with exciting offers and schemes.

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