Social media has become an integral part of our live. It is no doubt that we are all tied to it. The social media platforms where originally meant for socialising but today it serves far greater purpose than socialising. It has become one of the prominent and widely used marketing tools for businesses. From brand pages to online store, social media has come a long way.

If you are into retailing business or if you are running an e-commerce portal and wish to use social media for promoting your brand, it is important that you have certain strategy up your sleeve to gain an edge over your competitors in the market.  If you are a newbie to social media and wish to sell online, you may find the whole concept of using these platforms to be a daunting task. Also, if you have been using the social media to promote your business for sometime but have not got the desired results in terms of increased inflow of targeted traffic or increase in the sales, there is every chance that you are doing something wrong or you are not using the platform to the fullest potential.


Sell Online

Social Media help you in Sell Online


Consider the following tips will greatly help you sell online in a better way using social media:

  • Listen to your customers

This is one of the most important factors to consider for being successful in your online business endeavor. You must listen to your customer before you talk. People who listen carefully and take advantage of what is said to them have better chances of thriving on the social media platform.


  • Respond promptly

No matter if you receive thousands of messages or if you have got hundreds of wall postings on Facebook, it is important that you reply to each of these messages. Prompt reply is the key to win the confidence and fait of the customers. This in turn would attract them towards your online store.


  • Advertise

This may sound the most obvious thing to do.  However, it is important that you don’t overdo it. The key to sell online on social media platform is to advertise your product and not push for its sale in a direct way. It is also important to target the right audience; there is no point in reaching out scores of people who would be least interested in subscribing your services.


Things to avoid doing on social media to improve the success of your online store:

  • Don’t react immediately

If you notice any negative comment about your business or brand, it is best advised not to react immediately. It is natural to get fuming and defensive about such comments but if you reply immediately you may say unwanted things in the spur of the moments. This can tarnish your image further.


  • Be Genuine

Staying true to your brand’s ideals and motives will help you tick in the online space. Fake posts and updates is not recommended. Follow this advice, and you will increase the pace of your online store’s progress.

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