With email marketing on the rise, the number of marketing emails in one’s inbox is almost overwhelming. The open rate of emails will likely fall because people often lack the time to open all these emails! This is why it is even more important for you as a merchant to come up with other ways to generate more leads to your website 🙂

Here are some tips on how to drive more traffic towards your website or your online shop:

1. Minimal sign-up form fields


This enhances the efficiency of your sign-up form, so drop-outs decrease as well. By keeping things simple, short and sweet, people are more likely to sign up since there is little hassle involved.

Often, asking for an email address is a fast and east way to obtain a subscriber.

2. Enhance visibility of subscribe form

By making your subscribe form more prominent, it allows visitors to easily locate where they can get more information if they like your content. By allowing easy access to a subscribe form, it also raises the likelihood of visitors using the forms.

For example, through a pop-up mailing list, or on the homepage of your website.

3. Incorporate testimonials in sign-up form

Image Credit: blog.aweber.com

Image Credit: blog.aweber.com

By adding real customers/subscribers’ testimonials on your subscribe form, it influences potential subscribers who may still be contemplating if they should subscribe.

It would be better to include genuine and credible testimonials, such as that of someone influential.

4. Offer incentives to subscribers

Image Credit: www.socialmediaexaminer.com

Image Credit: www.socialmediaexaminer.com

By introducing perks to those who subscribe to you, it incentivises visitors to subscribe. Free gifts need not be extremely costly – perhaps a discount code for subscribers on their next purchase, or a free sample for example.

5. Provide subscribers with exclusive content

secret code

This is closely in line with the discount code promotion method. Upon subscribing, you can provide these new subscribers with exclusive discount codes sent directly to their email inbox.

6. Encourage word-of-mouth marketing


Encourage new subscribers to spread the word about your website by sending them a “Thank You” email, or offering incentives such as discounts, coupon codes and etc for sharing about your site to their friends on social media.

Tackthis! has just the tool for this purpose, making word-of-mouth marketing a lot easier for you and your customers.

7. Social media sharing plugins

Image Credit: wpsites.net

Image Credit: wpsites.net

Social media marketing is the easiest and fastest way to reach out to a wide variety of audiences. Enable buttons like the Facebook “Like” button, the Twitter “tweet” button and etc to ensure that people can share about the content you post easily, which will in turn generate more leads for you.

With Tackthis’s built-in social media integration tool, you can enable these plugins easily!

8. Tap on existing contacts

Using email or social media marketing, you can share links to your website or email subscribe forms to those already in your email contacts, or on your social media following. This increases the click-through rate because your existing contacts are more inclined to engage with you.

9. Follow the 80/20 rule for content

If you have a company newsletter or a company blog, it would be wise to dedicate 80% of your writing or posts on quality content, and 20% on pitching and promoting.

When viewers read content they deem good or of a high standard, they would stay on to read more and would be more likely to subscribe to you as well.

10. Article Marketing

Image Credit: makeshake.com.sg

Image Credit: makeshake.com.sg

This can be done on your About page, or through links to a company blog for example. This is effective in communicating to a larger audience and you will find increased traffic and incoming links, which you can leverage to build your list of leads and improve your organic search results.


Make your online presence more established by frequenting e-commerce blogs and journals, or other websites with online businesses similar to yours, and leave insightful comments.

By generating useful content and feedback on other websites, chances are people would want to get to know who you are, so it would be wise to provide links to your own website. This can be done at the end of your posts, or simply by clicking on your name!

12. Watermark

hari raya banner with logo

On all the content you generate across your various platforms, watermark them to help viewers find out who you are if they like your content, and eventually be led to your website.

13. Youtube video optimization

Image Credit: www.businessblogwriters.com

Image Credit: www.businessblogwriters.com

If you’re using videos as part of your marketing campaign, include annotations or hyperlinks that lead back to your website, or to your subscribe form.

Include links at the start and at the end of the video to remind audiences to subscribe or join your list.

14. Offline marketing

Image Credit: www.creativebloq.com

Image Credit: www.creativebloq.com

Business cards that introduce your business and your brand are effective in providing you some leads – especially if you create an interesting and attention-grabbing business card.

We hope these tips will help increase more traffic towards your website!

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