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Have you ever felt like as an owner of an online business, you’re possibly working even harder than your average retail store employee? Well, you may be right.

Running an online business is a lot of work – from uploading and monitoring the products in your inventory, to the handling of payment and delivery processes.


You’re basically a retail shop employee, a cashier, and a postman all in one!

Even with Tackthis’s tools to help make things faster and easier, maybe you’re still spending too much of your personal time facing a computer screen.

day to night

Here at Tackthis, we believe in doing all we can to help you, so we’ve come up with the TackThis Concierge Plan.

The name suggests it all – we’re a management service to help you run your online business so you can finally savour the fruits of your labour, or focus on the other aspects of your business and/or personal life that you’ve been putting on hold.

ambassadors (2)

This whole new initiative focuses on providing you with the help of a dedicated Tack ambassador to manage your online business.

Tack ambassadors are well-trained in setting up online stores – according to your preferences of course.

The nitty-gritties such as setting up your product list and updating your product inventory will be taken care of by the Tack ambassador.

handle processes

In addition, the Tack ambassador will handle the processing of your orders, verify payments and schedule delivery pick-up timings for you.

These are all rather time-consuming tasks, so entrusting them into the hands of a professional Task ambassador will definitely be a load off your back.

From having to juggle so many aspects of an online business, the welfare of your customers may have often been left on the shelf.

However, providing good customer service is an important practice in every business.

Not to worry though, because the Tack ambassador will also help administer to your customers by providing efficient customer service.

Finally, the Tack ambassador will help market your products on our marketplace to ensure more sales will come your way!

Overall, the Tack ambassador will liaise with you on the customization and specifics of your online business, then help you promote, market and ensure the upkeep of your shop and your customers so you don’t have to do it all by yourself!

sales report

Finally, a monthly sales report will be provided for you to review. This allows you to monitor your sales and see the results of the marketing strategies employed.

The Concierge plan encompasses premium plan features, as well as additional services such as limited free product photography, and exclusive features on the Takatack marketplace.

Being your own boss doesn’t always have to be so hard. Contact us at +65 6778 0861 if you’re interested!

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