You may have received news of the exciting New TackThis; and with all the hype about its awesomeness, what’s the New Tackthis really all about?

It’s Better, Faster, Easier.

As we worked on improving the entire platform, we placed our feet in your shoes to study your feedback, the user’s behavior, and the ecommerce trends etc to offer you the best of New Tackthis.


Running an online business may be easy, however operating an online store could vary between industries, types of goods, and individual preferences to cater to the different market needs. After all, you can’t fit everyone to a tee. As your business is expanding, you might also need more features to boost and support the performance of your online store.


That’s where our Tackstore comes in! It enables you to purchase and add useful apps to your online store whenever you like. There are plenty of apps for you to choose from, such as new shop themes, promotional tools, language options and many more. Simply put, with the Tackstore, you can build your dream store that’s second to none!

On top of that, the New Tackthis has incorporated new logistics functions as we formed partnerships with preferred and trusted courier companies in both Singapore & Philippines to provide a seamless and improved logistical process for your online business.  We are proud to say that not only does the integration greatly increases productivity and efficiency, it provides merchants with a one stop solution to manage delivery and their online store all together!

TaQBin Xend


Time is money. The New Tackthis is faster than before, with a good boost in the loading speed for both the dashboard and online store, leading to a greatly reduced response time for a page to load.

On top of that, you will find that the setup process is faster too, as we’ve helped to narrow down and focus on the essential steps to launch your online store. Creating your online store is going to be a breeze!


If you’ve login to the New Tackthis, you would notice that we’ve given it a facelift, and it’s not just shifting the control panel from right to left, or the splash of colors being applied. The dashboard is now designed to be mobile-friendly, so that users can access their accounts easily across various devices. Be it mobile, tablets, or desktops, you can monitor and work on your online store on the spot, whether you’re in the office or travelling.

vector-set-of-modern-digital-devices_fytBk1vuWe’ve also kept the New Tackthis interface clearer and more concise for our users to navigate around the dashboard and set up their online store easily. Certain functions are fine-tuned to be smarter too, for example, within a few simple steps, creating multiple product variants for your product is now effortless and straightforward.

Despite the newly added features, we have still kept the great features and tools which you love from before. But that’s not all! In our upcoming post: The New Tackthis: What’s New & Different [Part 2], we will be sharing with you the new features that serves to elevate your online store to the next level! Do keep a watch out in this space 🙂

If you need help with the New Tackthis, please visit our Help Guide, or contact us at for our friendly Tack Associates to assist you!

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