Last month, the Tackthis team headed over to West Coast Park for an exciting team-building activity:  LASERTAG

Hosted by Adrenaline Laser Tag, our team of 12 was split into two groups, the Red team and the Blue team. Within that one and a half hours, we played a total of 6 games, each time shuffling members of each team, and adding different twists to the games.


For the first game, it was a team death match where we had to try to ‘kill’ as many members of the opposing team as possible. The team with the least deaths wins. It was a unique experience as we tried to get used to a whole new game like this. It took us all a while to figure out how to shoot the laser gun, where exactly to shoot (in order to make a kill) and how to develop strategies as a team in order to prevent deaths on our side.

laser guns-smaller

We were briefed by the game masters, and figured out different places to hide to prevent ourselves from getting shot. We made use of everything – from trees and bushes to lamp posts! We played this death match twice.



Next, we played Chief Mode, a scenario where both teams elect a member as the chief of their respective team. The chief is the only one able to revive a fellow team member who’s killed. The aim was to kill the opposing team’s chief and keep your home team’s chief alive. It was an exciting game as we came up with code-names for our respective chiefs, and tried to fool the opposing team members as to who our chief was. This game required a lot more strategy and planning, which definitely helped us learn how to work together as a team.

Then, we played the Sniper Shootout. This was a “One shot, one kill” game mode, where everyone only had one bullet and one life. The aim was to be the last man standing. We worked as a team to protect one another, and to try to eliminate as many of the opposing team members as possible in order to ensure that the last man standing was from our team. This game ended really quickly, and of course, our CEO Dickson was the last man standing!


Then we played a combination of Chief Mode and Sniper Shootout, with the addition of a member with a special Shotgun. The shotgun is special because of its ability to decrease an opponent’s “health” by half with one shot! This game definitely ensured that every team member had a part to play in the game, and emphasized on the importance of playing on each other’s strengths to achieve success.

Finally, we played Capture the Flag. The objective was to bring the opposing team’s flag over to our base, while defending our own flag. Similarly, we had a chief and members with guns on Sniper mode and Shotgun mode which made the game very exciting. However, our game ended really quickly because one of the chiefs got shot a few minutes into the game!

team3-smallerDespite so, we had a lot of fun together as a team and all the games really helped us work together as a team – which ultimately achieved the purpose of this activity! We laughed a lot (and perspired a lot!) – some of us even had muscle aches after that!

Overall, we’re looking forward to our next team activity already!

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