It’s finally that time of the year – the Great Singapore Sale – and everyone is sure to find a great lot of exciting steals. For the most of us, we’re stressing over how many items to get, or which card to swipe this time. But we understand how much more stressful it can be for online business owners.

How do we ensure discounts are accurately reflected on our products? Also, virtually every shop is offering discounts and mega sales – what more can we offer to stand out?

First of all, Tackthis provides a variety of promotional tools that allows you to set percentage or dollar-value discounts for your products quickly and easily!


You can easily apply the promotions to your products or online store, and include additional settings such as enabling a minimum purchase for promotions, or enabling a usage limit.

By being able to apply discounts only when your customer’s shopping cart exceeds a minimum purchase amount that you set, or only above a certain number of products, you’re always in control – even in the face of huge sales everywhere!


Of course, most good things come to an end and sadly, the Great Singapore Sale is no exception. This is where the ability to set a time period for your promotion comes in handy.

The setting to Enable Limited Time Period can also be selected under the Promotional Price tool. You can choose to start off your mega sale immediately, or even extend it beyond the GSS! Step-by-step instructions are provided here.

The GSS does not pertain only to products; services can go on sale too. With the Target Setting option, you can decide where you want your promotion to apply.

It could be anything from a few selected products, the delivery fee, or even on your customer’s total purchase. This way, you can diversify your promotional methods this GSS.

target settings

With most online shops offering huge discounts and promotions already, how do you increase the flow of traffic towards your online shop, then?

fb sale

It is hard to miss a Facebook post riddled with the word “SALE” – and even more so when it is shared by a friend you know. With the Share Promotion tool, it allows you to offer discounts to customers who share about your products on Facebook.

This is not only a convenient and effective way to draw people to your shop, it also helps make your shop stand out in the saturated market of online shops that are also offering huge sales and discounts at this time of the year.

It works the same way as the Promotional Price tool, with similar settings to enable minimum purchase, limited time period and usage limit.



Since it’s GSS, what’s better than to benefit and reward your loyal customers with yet another great discount?


Give your memberships away, or offer higher discount values for your existing members during GSS. On top of that, you can also run a customer loyalty program for your online store to incentivise your members further and have them returning to your shop for more purchases.

To understand how you can configure the number of loyalty points that can be traded in for the promotion, click here to learn more. A Customer loyalty program is an even better deal for your loyal customers this GSS, and an effective way to reward them for their support. No matter which type of promotions you want to apply, it’s easy to configure with Tackthis.


Naturally, the influx of sales may be daunting to online business owners. More often than not, delivery services are delayed or slower than usual because of the immense number of parcels to ship out to all the GSS shoppers.

This also results in more cases of missing parcels and potentially unhappy customers.

Fret not, with the ability to configure various delivery options for customers using the Custom Delivery tool, put your customers’ minds at ease with customized methods such as Cash on Delivery – to minimize any cases of lost mail, or even pre-integrated methods like Self-Collection if customers prefer to personally pick their parcels up as soon as possible.


To prevent any additional delays in orders and deliveries during this busy period, a good choice would be the Ta-Q-Bin delivery method, where you can conveniently schedule the pickup time and date for the deliveryman to pick up the parcels from you and deliver it to your customers.

All you need to do is to update the order status to “Ready to deliver”, and a Waybill number will be assigned to the order. After you schedule the pickup, and print out the Waybill, the order will be ready to be delivered to your customers.

Because Tackthis has this process automated for you,  it saves a lot of time and effort on your side, which is helpful in the stream of orders during the GSS. All you need to do is pack your orders, click, and relax.


As you know, the GSS will be a very busy period for online shops. This makes it a little more difficult to keep up with logistics and customer welfare.

However, this is made easier with the Orders Management and Orders Fulfilment Tool that work concurrently to offer you the ability to track the delivery status of each order, and also notify customers to update them about their orders.

Besides being able to effectively monitor both the payment and the delivery of orders, the welfare of your customers is also accounted for when they are promptly updated with regards to the status of their order.

order management


More details on how to use the Order Management and Fulfilment tools are available here.

GSS may seem like a lot to handle, but with helpful tools like these on TackThis!, you can sit back, relax and enjoy GSS as much as your happy customers do!

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