The social commerce debate is ongoing, with a clear division in opinion that is a long way from being reconciled. Many retailers hope that the channel can work, as the social media space continues to grow. On the other hand, a number of experts believe that the nature of most social networks, like Facebook, make any sort of direct marketing and sales initiative untenable.

The argument basically states that people use social networks (as you might expect) to socialise. Facebook users do not want to be sold to, they want to interact with their friends. However, there are plenty of examples of companies who can develop a positive image for their brand on social media platforms, and so the next step is to somehow increase conversions as well.

This infographic by Spinback illustrates how social media can be leveraged by companies to convert sales. It also provides facts and figures from businesses that have demonstrated some knack in the social commerce channel to-date.

What do you think? Will social commerce be ‘the next big thing’ in online retail?


View the entire infographic here.

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