So you have a genius product

You just know it will rock the world. It’s unique, creative, ingenious, and all kinds of awesome. Now here comes the hard part: promoting your idea. After refining your product, it’s time to sell it. But how? Where? A brick-and-mortar store would be costly. Renting a table at seasonal artisan fairs won’t bring regular income.


Selling on social media

Is making rounds on social media the most efficient way to promote your company? What about the rest of your potential market outside your network? How do you connect with them? Adjusting the privacy settings of your account is not enough. You’ll need to go beyond six degrees of separation to expand your ‘empire’. But is investing on a website worth it?


This infographic shows you the lowdown:

Selling on Social Media VS Selling on Website-02

Obviously, a website wins hands down over social media. There are just too many advantages of a website over even an army of social media accounts.


How much better?

A cost-efficient web store can provide you with a wider market reach that will help you grow your business. Besides, it’s easier and more convenient than managing scattered social media accounts. A website will also convey your brand to your customers more effectively. You can’t expect to get brand credibility from social media alone. At the end of the day a website with a storefront is a step above social media and will do more for your business in the long run.


Small details, Big differences

On social media, you get a plethora of customer inquiries about your product. After a while, it gets too redundant and will cause you to pull your hair. Imagine having to reply to each and every “How much, please?” comment.

Never again be embarrassed by getting orders for a product that’s actually been sold out. With a website, you will handle your inventory much better. Your Instagram or Facebook accounts won’t reflect your inventory in real time, confusing your customers.

You might argue, “But there are 6,745 ‘likes’ on my Facebook page. That’s a lot of contacts.” That’s great! A website will be able to show you which of those 6,745 are actual customers. Facebook doesn’t track those statistics for you, a website does.

On social media, your customers won’t be able to make payments on their orders. All they can do on a Facebook page or an Instagram account is to reserve their order. A website, on the other hand, lets them browse your merchandise, pay for it, and arrange delivery.


To be fair

However, you have to hand it to social media for being such a good tool for generating brand awareness. A website does the same: your online storefront shows your clientele that you are a credible brand.


Now, the good news

TackThis! is an online e-commerce platform with three times the benefit over social media. First, TackThis! is so easy to set up, even non-techie entrepreneurs will be able to do it in minutes. Second, this online store provides everything you need to manage your business with ease–from customizable themes for your storefront to market analysis. Third, TackThis!-built websites can be incorporated into blogs, social media accounts, custom web pages easily with only a few steps.

TackThis! sites are far more convenient than your ordinary, run-of-the-mill websites. TackThis! is the fastest way to set up an online shop and maintain it. You can easily set up a TackThis! site in one minute flat.


Go ahead

So are you ready to upgrade your business? Take your business to the next level and click here to try for free.
Once your TackThis! storefront is up and running, go further and learn what you can to capture your audience. Read up on the “10 ways to effectively reach your target market.”

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