Gone are the days when people used to shop from brick and mortar stores. People had to go from store to store to find the object of their liking. In the present day, virtual stores have caught shopaholics by a storm. Convenience and comfort are the keywords. They are spoilt for choices. Shopping now can be over in a matter of few seconds and can take time, because there are no restrictions. This development has delighted millions across the globe and continues to become popular with every passing day.  Because of the strong penetration of technology in our daily lives and the increasing use of internet, an online blogshop has become increasingly popular. In comparison to proper retail stores, this is a better option as you can cater to a larger customer base and provide an efficient service.

Some facts about an online blogshop

  • In South East Asia, this development has caught most of the retailers’ attention. These shops have been created on various blogging platforms, and this the reason attributed to the name of this development.
  • Because of the rapid growth of electronic commerce, this phenomenon came to light. The thought to create online blogshop became quite a popular one. The popularity of social media has further added to its acceptance.
  •  Retailers have been able to widen their consumer base and create a buzz, which has worked in their favour.

online blogshop solution

Online blogshop and social media

  • Over the years, social media has become extremely popular and blogging has increased as well. This development is an amalgam of both these trends. It has been said that nearly 80% people in Malaysia spend their time on Facebook.
  • This is good news for retailers as they can link their stores to this social networking platform and earn a good amount of revenue. Small time retailers are tapping into the benefits of setting up an online blogshop.
  • The need for a physical store is not felt and the maintenance costs do not have to be incurred by the retailer. Because it can be linked to social media platforms, retailers need not worry about advertising their products.
  • They can personalise the entire experience and ensure that the customer returns to make another purchase. Because of this, the thought to create online blogshop is quite a lucrative one and has worked in the favour of brands.

People have also shown their preference for an online blogshop rather than a proper retail one. The latter does not have the variety of the former. It can be difficult to satisfy the demands of consumers. The former can offer spell bounding variety at good prices. Because of these factors, it has grown to immense popularity and continues to grow.

However, there are some aspects that need to be considered by such stores. It is important that an efficient delivery system is in place. Logistics need to be planned carefully. This will ensure that customers do not have to face any kind of an issue and they will not have any reason to complain. A storage facility in different locations is a good idea.


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