Gone are the days when people used to purchase from proper retail stores. It was not a comfortable experience and had its share of flaws.  They seek a convenient experience and hence the growing popularity of virtual purchasing. In the present day, because of enhanced security measures, people have shown their preference of shopping from an online store rather than a brick and mortar store.


Online shopping goes mobile!

In contemporary times, hectic routines do not allow people to shop to their heart’s content. They are pressed for time.  However, because of the increased usage of smart phones and tablets, people need not worry.  Brands have realised the potential of mobile commerce and are reaping its benefits. It is important that retailers utilise this in an effective way. If the products are marketed well, it could strongly affect sales and customer loyalty.


Mobile friendly online store or an app?

As this trend continues to grow, several other aspects have been put forth. For instance, people have strongly taken to online shopping. But, what remains to be understood is that would they purchase from a mobile friendly shop or an application. Results state that shoppers have shown their preference for the former one. Combine these two and you will concoct a shopping revolution of sorts. The number increases especially during the holiday season.

The growing popularity has ensured that brands deliver a flawless experience to people. Strategies and ideas have been put in place that can uplift the quality of the purchasing experience. For instance, such elements should be used in the design of the mobile friendly online store that can be easily adapted to tablets and smart phones. Such kind of style sheets should be used in the setting up of the portal.

There are people who have viewed the trend of online shopping with a great deal of suspicion. However, now the times have changed and people have accepted this trend and incorporated it in their life. Online retailers have used measures to increase their customer base. Some of them have used social media and pay per click form of advertising to their benefits. But, there are some simple ideas that have led to repeat sales and a continuous and strong relationship with customers. Some have also added website visitors to their mailing list, which has struck a chord with people.


Text marketing capturing the attention of brands

When it comes to promoting mobile commerce, brands have taken to text marketing to advertise their mobile friendly online store. The use of smses has worked in the favour of the brands. Even on smart phones, people can receive texts. To make it worthwhile for them, brands can offer them some special discounts on enrolling up for special messages. After all, if a person can get some nice deal and offer for his or her favourite offering just by enrolling for some message scheme, people would like that kind of an offer. So combine flash sales with text marketing and give something unique to your customers, which will lead to recurring purchases.

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