Digital wallets are devices that allow users to make e-commerce transactions easily. The Tackthis wallet is no different!

tackthis wallet inforgraphicsmaller

As a merchant, when you subscribe to different Tackthis plans, you can make your payments for your subscriptions hassle-free via the Tackthis wallet.

Using virtual currency, the wallet enables you to make payments conveniently and securely.

This currency is not managed or regulated by a central bank so when customers spend Tackthis credits, you (the merchant) are not liable to anyone. In other words, you’re kind of going around banks and credit card providers!

You can purchase Tackthis credits (add funds) to your wallet via Paypal or other payment gateways. The Tackthis wallet can also be used as a redemption point for Tackthis rewards such as the referral bonus and the subscription rebate.

With different apps and themes available for your purchase on Tackthis, you can pay for these seamlessly through your Tackthis wallet too. Similarly, use it to pay for other logistics services and exclusive Tackthis features found on your dashboard.

Finally, one of the biggest takeaways from using the Tackthis wallet is the ability to monitor your dashboard payments and purchase history, which is definitely useful for you as a merchant!

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