In today’s time, it is an undeniable fact that social media as become an integral part of your daily lives. The advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been a huge revelation in the way people connect to each other. These platforms allow you the chance to connect with your long distance friends and siblings in real time. Research suggests that currently Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular social media sites alone have about 500 and 106 million users from around the world. In the purview of these studies, it is quite evident that Social Media is ruling the roost, at least for the time being. If you are an online business owner it is a great time to cash in on the opportunity to promote your business in a better way and expand your business.

While there is no doubt that the businesses around the world need to have their presence on the social media world to push their sales and be competitive in the market, the key to accomplish the results successfully is to use these platform in the right way. If you are into e-commerce or retail online business the following tips will greatly help you make your shopping cart visible on the social media websites.


Top tips for promoting online business better on social media:

A perfect shopping cart

  • The shopping cart software you have used on your website must clearly showcase the icons that have links to your social media accounts. Put these icons on all popular social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to gain maximum exposure. It is important that the icons are placed strategically on your page so that they are easily visible to customers.

Offers and deals

  • Generally, when people browse through the social media sites they are in a good mood. You can use this opportunity to great advantage and lure them towards your brand by carrying out lucky draws and running games. You can also choose to give away some prize to the people who participate in the games. This would only encourage them to know more about your brand and they are likely to become your follower, which in turn increase your chances of earning new customers. Even if the people don’t win, chances are that 4 out of 10 people would like to visit your online business page.

Content on your fan page

  • It is vital that you keep your social media page updated regularly. Visitors would like to keep coming back to your page only if there is something and interesting thing for them. It is pivotal that you add some fresh content regularly or the customer may conveniently walkout to the next e-commerce store. Thus, regular updates play a vital role in keeping your online business running successfully.


Facebook shop

Selling on Social Media

Build relationships

  • You must know that selling on social media is quite different from selling on other online avenues. If you have a Facebook shop, it is important that you don’t push your product hard; instead you must try to help your followers. You must not portray yourself as a businessperson who is out for profit, you be rather be friends with your followers and soon you may notice a significant growth in your online business.

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