When you are running your own virtual store, several factors account for its success. All kinds of details have to be looked into.  Retailers give a fair amount of thought to navigation and design but even product pages are extremely important in driving sales to a Facebook shop. Keep some factors in check, and you will not have a reason to complain.

  • For instance, price is important in the purchase process. People look out for a product on different kinds of portals.  It will be a great idea if you can keep a tab on the prices of your competitors. You can have your own price comparison of sorts. This is an extremely important factor that can lead to conversion. People will not have to leave your page and they can get everything on a single page.
  • Always make sure that you deliver quality products to your customers. They have to be authentic and counterfeit goods will not do any good to your customer base. There should be some seal of sorts that can convey the authenticity of your offerings. It increases and seals the faith that a customer has in your offerings.
  • When you sell online, make sure that you have product reviews on the page itself. Because of this, a person will remain on the page and will not have to leave. When people also look up on search engines, your page will come up and this can lead to traffic too.

Most of the carts do have a built in review system, which works as per their convenience.


Facebook Shop Solution


It is extremely important that you have good content on the product page. It helps people in making an informed decision. A good and a detailed description along with some product reviews can work wonders for you.

Coupons have been a blessing in disguise for retailers. Most of the people also key in different kinds of codes in search engines to find a particular one. In this case, make sure that you display all kinds of offers on your page. This will count in the long run and help in driving sales.

The availability of a product should be displayed on the page. A sense of urgency can work well in driving sales. For instance, if a product is available for a limited period of time, that aspect should be displayed. A consumer will want to make a purchase. This sense of urgency is extremely beneficial for driving sales to your Facebook shop.

Another element that is often not noticed by retailers is the adding to cart button. It is extremely important and you will be surprised to know about its significance in driving numbers. You can use different kinds of wordings and see which one works the best and leads to sales. You can use different hues and styles to see which one clicks with customers. When you sell online, you need to consider small details to make sure that you succeed and retain your customer base.

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