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From managing manual inventories and deliveries to establishing their online store, the power duo of Sunnywood Rice, Toby Tangsoc and his wife Valerie, built their business from the ground-up.

Toby and Valerie

“Sunnywood had very humble beginnings. It started in 1997 by our dad in the house garage. It was a small business then – he scooped rice manually into packs and delivered the orders by himself if needed,” Toby said.

Harvesting Online

Buying rice at groceries may be a hassle to shoppers because the packs are quite heavy to carry. With this pain point, Sunnywood Rice took the plunge to sell their products online.

“Observing the consumer’s behavior, more of them are shifting online. We didn’t want to miss that trend,” Toby remarked.


Tangsoc believed that going digital was an avenue for them to reach more customers and generate sales. With the help of TackThis! Concierge, they were able to establish an e-commerce website and activate the shopping page of their Facebook channel. Their rice business harvested over 2,500 fulfilled items and 1,621 valid transactions in 4 months.

“We are surprised that our online channel garnered a significant portion of our sales. TackThis! was very helpful in making us transition from a purely traditional business into one with an e-commerce presence – we were able to make our products more available to consumers in the comfort of their home or office. This business solution was the most cost-efficient way for us to develop the brand and promote our products to new and existing customers,” Toby explained.

TackThis!, recognized as Best E-Commerce Technology Provider by Smart Awards and Best SME Service by Asia Communication Awards, has been empowering small and big enterprises to go online by providing them effortless store creation, hassle-free store management, and managed marketing services.

The rice experts were glad to give their customers a hassle-free experience on buying rice. Trips to the grocery or wet market to purchase rice won’t be necessary anymore. Now, you just need to order online and wait for the product to be delivered to your doorstep.

Reap What You Sow

Toby and Valerie worked hard through the years in order for this business to prosper. They may have experienced hurdles but they remained focused on achieving their goals.

Valerie happily shared, “As a result of hard work and determination, we will be celebrating 20 joyous years next year. Our greatest achievement is building a Filipino homegrown brand that services customers with quality rice products and provides livelihood to employees. Indeed, this wonderful business made us good stewards”.

Sunnywood Rice onboarded over 50 of their products on TackThis!. Customers can easily shop for rice on their TackThis! Shop, Takatack page and Facebook Fanpage. They are currently one of the biggest rice suppliers in the country.

Do you also want to have a good harvest online? Sign up on TackThis! today!