With hyper-connectivity and the unquenchable thirst for novelty, Facebook has sought to bring cutting-edge solutions to gratify the constant need for innovation. Innovation that is profitable for actively engaged users all over the globe. Replacing Facebook Connect, the new application programming interface, or API, launched by the company follows a protocol that is bound to multiply business prospects unequivocally for many retailers. So what exactly is this new feature, does it help your enterprise to sell online and how impressive is it?


Sell Online in an Advanced Way with Open Graphs

  1. Having separate accounts on every website that you visit and would want to visit further, is arduous and too troublesome. Resolving this complex exercise, the above mentioned social platform introduced Facebook Connect. It is essentially a platform allowing you to log in to myriad sites, while retaining a singular online identity. Open Graphs is an extension of the same – basically a Facebook connect version 2.0.
  2.  Does this help your Facebook Shop? Yes. Retailing gets bigger and more intuitive. A participating website and the potential customer, both profit from the API. As the user makes a certain preference obvious through the Like button, for example, the user gets custom-made or relevant information about related products and services. A participating company, like yours, would get a deeper insight into the customer’s psyche, making market research a million times easier.


 Create Facebook shop


Sophisticated Method to set up Facebook Shop

  1. The Like button has garnered much of exclusivity and importance. If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, the number of Likes in the virtual world is equivalent to social acceptance and praise in the real world. The only difference being, that there are about 1 billion people who will instantly know about the same. Open Graph offers more options apart from the conventional ‘Share’ alternative. You can characterise your actions further as ‘want’ or ‘buy’, adding a very unique and personal dimension to the activity.
  2. From a broader perspective of marketing, Open Graph is very beneficial for commercial purposes. With this platform, websites and even applications would be able to exchange pertinent information about the user preference for certain services or for certain brands. In fact, to sell online, Open Graph allows you to make your store location known by geographic co-ordinates too. It helps in increasing local business data.


Sell Online with Flexibility of Open Graph

  1. An added bonus is that the Graph is relatively simple for developers to handle. If you want to create a storefront, then using the protocol will not be a hassle at all! With easy ways to tackle everything associated with your data, from data access to pagination, the new API is less rigid, just like flexible sentences. This is a great development for a Facebook shop.


If you are looking forward to upgrading your business, or are an aspiring retailer, then this API is a guaranteed boon. With Open Graph, you can provide meaningful matter and structured data. You can integrate information with other websites, making your presence felt in the web world. If you understand the functionality, then Open Graph can ensure that your venture gets the boost it needs, guarantee greater visibility and even provide spontaneously personalized content that includes reviews and offers too, for your clientele. Go ahead and sell online, in a novel way!

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