If you’ve just started your online business, chances are you’re not well-known in the market, which may make your shop appear somewhat dubious to the average shopper – and even more so when placed in comparison with more established online businesses.

One of the downsides of running an online business is the lack of trust that customers should have before making a purchase. This is why ensuring the credibility of your online business is important: You want customers to feel comfortable and safe shopping with you.

Here are some tips on how to ensure that your online business is credible to your customers:

1. Have a neat and organised storefront

It kind of works the same way as a physical retail shop. You would be more inclined to believe that a clean and neat shop would sell products of better quality, and be more efficient in general. A shop that’s dirty and messy would likely be a put-off to most customers.

Image Credit: ansembledesigns.com

Image Credit: ansembledesigns.com

This is why having a neat homepage with clear categories makes your shop appear more reliable. With Tackthis’s basic or elegant themes, you can be sure of a clean-cut layout for your shop. Also, customize your pages and what you want to include on the navigation menu that appears on the top of every page.

Not only does this make your shop neater, it also allows customers to navigate easily to find the product they’re looking for.

2. Keep your shop up-to-date

Consistently updating your products and/or removing products that are sold out will definitely help prevent any inaccurate or misleading information for your customers.

Image Credit: tasselplus.com

Image Credit: tasselplus.com

A good way to show that you are updated is to include a “New Arrivals” page. This can be easily sorted via “My Pages” on your admin dashboard.

You can also configure your homepage settings via “Shop Settings” on your admin dashboard, and then select your default homepage content.

On top of this, updating your contact information via a “Contact Us” page is equally important. With the knowledge that you can be contacted easily should any problems arise, this instills more trust in the customers and they will be more willing to purchase from your shop.

Also, being available on multiple social media platforms gives your shop more legitimacy. For example, updating your shop’s Instagram or Facebook page with New Arrivals lets customers know that you are a dedicated business.

With Tackthis’s seamless social media integration tool, you can easily share about your shop updates on various social media platforms by copying and pasting the code provided for you when you launch your shop on your admin dashboard.

3. Reviews and Ratings

Another way to ensure the credibility of your shop is by allowing customers to provide reviews and ratings. Having reviews from customers provides visitors of your shop with a clearer idea of the quality of your products, which will aid in their decision-making process as to whether or not to make a purchase.

customer review

Reviews and ratings can turn visitors into customers, because a real customer’s opinion is usually deemed more accurate and honest. Ultimately, this will determine the credibility of your shop.

4. Return/Refunds Policy

Customers are typically most put off when they buy products online that do not fit, or are not up to their expectations. This is where a return/refunds policy comes in handy.

Image Credit: citrusox.com

Image Credit: citrusox.com

With the knowledge that they can return products, or get their money back if they aren’t satisfied with their product, customers will be more likely to trust your shop’s credibility and hence be more willing to make purchases.

5. Let customers know who you are

An “About Us” page would be of great help to give a little bit more information about yourself as a merchant.

Image Credit: citrusox.com

Image Credit: citrusox.com

Being an online business means there exists this barrier of anonymity between you and your customer. To inculcate a little bit more trust in your customers, telling them a bit more about yourself and your business is a good practice to have.

Also, it would be wise to assure customers of your products and your values as this puts their minds at ease and they may be more willing to trust you as a merchant.

6. Product photos and descriptions

Finally, on top of high quality photos of your products, clear descriptions and accurate measurements are also crucial in building credibility for your shop.

Image Credit: kaifiyyah.com

Image Credit: kaifiyyah.com

Being able to view close-ups of products will provide customers with a clearer idea of the materials and designs to ultimately determine the quality of your products.

Accurate descriptions and measurements show customers that you are meticulous and committed to providing them with all the information they need, which also adds to the credibility and reliability of your shop and products.

To sum it up, securing the credibility of your shop is a crucial step to turning visitors to customers, and eventually keep them coming back for more!

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