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Last time we talked about tips for clothes size, if I remember it correctly? 😆  I hope that it can help you to buy your dream clothes with no regrettable issues.

Today, we will continue with tips for shoes size. I am excited already, are you?  😆

To be honest, I have small feet. It is very difficult for me to go shop for shoes since they do not have small sizes regularly. Hence, shopping for shoes online is my very convenient solution. I do not have to keep trying, standing up, walking around, then take the shoes out disappointedly. I just choose the designs I love, pick the size, with a few more clicks, and voila, I already have my favorite shoes.

At first, I also worried about the size. What if it did not fix? Even if I could return the shoes, the feeling would still not be nice. After trying and testing, I already get some tips for myself when I want to buy shoes online. Now, I will share it with you and hope that it can help you as it does to me  🙂

At first, we are going to take feet measurement. Please note that your feet will get bigger in the afternoon, so please take the measurement around that time. Do not take feet measurement in the morning since your feet are smallest at this time.


We will need pencil, a piece of paper and a measuring tape( or a ruler).

After getting the measurements, you can use the conversion chart below to get your suitable size.

One note for you is when taking measurement, take it from the bigger foot of yours. And when deciding to buy shoes, always look for the smaller size. We all know that shoes will get loosened when they are worn regularly. Hence, the smaller shoe size will guarantee that they will not get too big for your feet when they get loosened.

For example, my feet length is 231.5 mm, so it means that  my shoe size will be around EU36/EU37, and it seems to be closer to EU37. However, I always choose EU36 when I purchase shoes online. And it turn out that the shoes might be a little bit tight (but not too much) at first, but the more I wear that shoes, the more they get fitted and feel comfortable  😆

If you are buying boots, please take the measurements of your ankles and calves to be sure. The tips for buying boots are to be careful with your calves. If you have big calves but small feet, like me, then it is very difficult to look for boots, hence, do not try online no matter how beautiful these boots can be.

That’s all for now. I hope it can help 😀

Credited to: www.shoes.com.sg


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