Online shopping has become a very convenient way for shopaholics to satisfy their thirst without going anywhere. Now, people just sit down at their most cozy places, with laptops and internet connection, they can visit stores from all over the worlds.

Fashion lovers have never been more thrilled since they can get the newest collection of the brands that do not have stores at their places with just a click. They can get the trendy boots of the Western while living in the East. There is now no boundaries for being trendy.

However, have you ever faced the situation when you are drooling for a dress, knowing that it will look marvelous on your body. But, you do not know which size to pick? Just 1 size wrong, it can ruin everything.

Understanding the situations, we would like to provide some tips. These tips can be found on the internet, but we gather here all the necessary ones, and we already do a check up to make sure that at least over 90% works. Of course, sizing can vary from brands and from different bodies, we hope that this can aid in the process of picking the right pieces of clothes, and clear out your doubt when purchasing online. Now, all you have to do is taking some simple measurement, and pick that dream clothes you have ever wanted.

Firstly, this chart will help everyone who already knows and is very sure about their size. All they have to do is just conversing their usual size into the size that available on the shops.


For all people that are not very sure about their size, they can do some simple measurement and take a look at the board provided below. The board gives the very detailed information about the size according to the body measurements. Just one advice is if some of your measurements do not fit in the exact size, please choose the one with the greatest number, or try to choose the average. For example, if you have the waist measurement of 73, which falls in UK 12, but your bust measurement is 96, which falls in UK 14, please select UK 14 as your size. The bigger waist size can be fixed by many different method but the smaller bust size is impossible.


I bet you must be questioning about how to take the correct measurement of your bodies reading this line J Do not worry, the instruction on how to take proper bodies measurement will be given very soon:


Basically that’s all for now. Stay tune to get the next tips for footwear sizing 😆  Remember, all of the information given is not from us, but it is all checked and tried by our members. We hope you understand that there should be some different depending on your body types.  Still, these tips are very useful for any shopaholics who want to try new things.

Enjoy   😀

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