Online newsletter marketing is an excellent way of communicating with your current and potential customers. It is inexpensive, versatile, personal, and is efficiently and immediately delivered right to your current and potential customers’ e-doorstep. Just imagine how much more effective your TackThis shop will be with an online newsletter pushing it forward.

Through your newsletter, you can hook new clients, let your customers know about new promos and products, and show them–through your content–that you are an industry expert, or at least have a huge potential to become one.

Done properly and professionally, your newsletter will carry content that will complement what is already in your online store or website. Your newsletter, then, will act as your store’s herald. So it’s on you to make it stand out.


Here are some tips on turning your e-newsletter into the marketing powerhouse it’s meant to be:

What do I write about?

Create content that captures your audience and keeps their attention. See to it that you churn out superior content–this is your newsletter’s main selling point, after all. Make your subscribers glad that they clicked on the “Subscribe” button.

  • Begin your newsletter with discount offers and announcements of any sales you might be having. Filipinos love to buy things for less than their original price. Promos will immediately catch their attention.
  • Write short and concise human interest articles–stories that focus on individuals who, in one way or another, are connected to your business. For example: the story of how you came up with the idea for your business; a feature on one of your customers that will tug at the heartstrings. A good story goes a long way.
  • Include links to articles (from reputable sources) that are relevant to your potential clients–a review of a product complementary to yours, for example. In doing this, you help your customers improve their lives and show them that you are not just about hooking profit.
  • If there is any company news that will establish your position as an up-and-coming mover and shaker in the industry, include it. But remember to be honest and not puff out your chest too much. Selling your company too hard will make you lose credibility. If your store was featured in a story on, for example, “10 New Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For” on an international website, tell your readers about that. Do you have a photo of a celebrity using your product? Post that image in your newsletter.
  • Include testimonials about your products; success stories specifically involving one of your products would work, as well. Customers love to know how your products can help them.


How do I make my content pop?

  • Remember that a good mix in content will make your newsletter interesting and appealing. Avoid redundant topics.
  • In today’s general split-second attention span, what reign supreme are bullet points, tidbits of information, and articles cut-up into short paragraphs. Keep your articles between 500 and 800 words. Any longer than that, and your readers’ attention will start wandering.
  • Proofread your work. Nothing exposes sloppy content more than glaring grammatical errors and careless typos.
  • Test all the links you include in your articles to make sure they lead where they’re supposed to lead.
  • Frequency and number of pages play a part in whether your newsletter gets clicked on or not. Keep a daily newsletter down to a page. A weekly newsletter can be 2 to 3 pages long. You can stretch a monthly newsletter to about 5 pages or even longer, but only if you have something worthwhile to say. If you are managing your business by yourself, begin with a monthly newsletter. This will be easier to sustain. Once you develop a routine, come out with a weekly newsletter.
  • Have a link to the table of contents at the top of the page of your newsletter. This way, your readers can easily scroll through to the topics that interest them.


How do I gain subscribers?

  • Sign up for an email marketing service provider. (Try Aweber or MailChimp). This will take care of sending your newsletters to your subscribers, as well as storing that most precious secret weapon of online marketing: the email list. Pick a provider that has excellent customer service and is reputably hack-proof.
  • When you set up the subscriber profile that your potential readers will have to fill up, require only the necessary fields. Ask for the information that will give you a better picture of your market. Do not leave out the following: name, age, gender, city they live in, income bracket.
  • Your provider will ask you to include a welcome note to your new subscribers. Keep this note short and concise, informative but not dull. Begin by thanking the reader for their subscription. Say something about your store, then tell them what to expect in your newsletter. Make the welcome sweeter with a discount coupon or an updated promo code. Freebies are good ice-breakers. Also, remember to make your note personal. No one likes to receive mail that begins with, “Dear Valued Subscriber.” Instead, automate it so that your note uses your subscribers’ first names. Try this: “Dear Lara, thank you for subscribing to Katre’s newsletter. We take pride in our exquisitely handcrafted (and 100% Filipino) leather products, and we are thrilled to show you around. Now that you are on our mailing list, you will be among the first to receive news about promos, new product alerts, and exclusive sales. Enjoy!”
  • Be proactive: include a link in your newsletter to your privacy policy, and a button they can click if they want to unsubscribe. Also, put a link (where it can be easily seen) that allows subscribers to forward your newsletter to their friends. (And once these friends receive the newsletter, include a link to your subscriber page, as well as to your online store.) On your online store, include a link to subscribe to your newsletter.

Have excellent customer service. Once you do an email blast of your newsletter, subscribers will have the chance to email you inquiries and concerns about your products. Don’t take more than two days to reply to these queries. And in your reply, be personal and friendly (without being too familiar). Good customer service will take your business a long way.