Meaning lies in small gestures. This statement is applicable to all kinds of ventures. They have to make sure that their customers remain loyal to them. It is not grand ideas that make a customer stay loyal to a brand, but thoughtfulness on the brand’s part, too. A small effort can prove to be highly beneficial. It is about personalising your relationship with the customer.  For instance, if you run an online store, your customer will be in for a great surprise if he receives a hand written note along with his shipment. Such thoughtful acts can mean a lot in the long run. After all, it is about building a long and a withstanding relationship with your customers.


Personalised Facebook Shop


A personalised follow up can certainly widen any customer’s smile. For example, if a man has purchased a dress for his wife from your  Facebook shop for their anniversary, it can do wonders if you ask him about her reaction. Because of this, he will feel good and will feel a sense of connection and loyalty. It would make him feel special and wanted and he will continue purchasing from your store.

Shopaholics love coupons, so instead of sending generic ones, make sure you add a bit of them to vouchers and coupons. It would be great if you come up with a coupon based on their browsing pattern and the likes and dislikes. Put some thought to it and make sure that it is relevant to them. Thoughtfulness is appreciated by customers.  You will certainly floor your customers with such an idea when they shop from your online store.

Another gesture that can work wonders is if you remember special dates of your customers and surprise them with a special offer. This is applicable to birthdays. A customer’s joy will not know bounds if you give them a special deal or an exclusive coupon for their birthday. Such kinds of gestures mean a great deal to customers. This will certainly accelerate the pace of your Facebook shop’s growth.

Social media has been a boon to brands. Because of its convenience, people can enjoy its delights and can purchase from the same platform without leaving the page. If you have a Facebook shop, make sure that its page is active and all the queries of the customers are not left unattended. This even includes negative feedback as well. The communication with a customer is public. It should be done in such a way that the customer remains connected to the brand and it should result in a fruitful engagement. You can also create a nice landing page for people who are coming back to your store. They would surely like to read a nice welcome message and product recommendations. In the present day, it is quite easy to set up a store. But, factors like these ensure its success. So, implement these ideas and establish a strong bond with your customers. The results will definitely widen your smile.

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