Online businesses are no different from the rest – there are a lot of things to consider before embarking on your journey towards success. So the question is: are you ready to move your brick-and-mortar shop into the online world?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Target Audience

target audience

First and foremost, you need to be sure of who your target audience is before venturing into the virtual realm. Will your target audience have easy access to the Internet? Do they shop online? Do they value convenience and are they tech-savvy?

For example, if your business is elderly-related, would it be wise to move online? Or would a brick-and-mortar shop be more feasible for your target audience? These are important factors to consider.

2. Costs


Next, consider the costs you may incur when you move online. Shipping costs, photography, paying for an e-commerce platform, advertising and etc. All these are additional costs to consider when you begin your online shop. Money aside, a lot of time and effort are required as well.

Thankfully, with Tackthis, all new businesses are entitled to a free 30-days trial. You can host your shop on our platform for free. Also, with our built-in delivery system Ta-Q-Bin, and our built-in social media integration tool, you save a lot more time and funds on advertising and shipping costs.

If you are sorely lacking in time or you simply do not know where to start, Tackthis also has a new Concierge plan just for you. A Tack Ambassador will help you manage your store and schedule all deliveries so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business.

3. Design and Logistics

design and logs

Is your online shop easy to navigate? Do you provide payment options for customers to choose from? Is the checkout process easy?

With Tackthis’s customizable themes, you can be sure that your shop would be neat and easy to navigate. Be sure to create product categories as well so customers can find what they’re looking for with ease.

For payment issues, customers would have different preferred modes of payment. If you don’t accept certain payment modes, chances are customers would not continue with their purchase. That being said, Tackthis allows you to configure different payment methods for your customers to choose from, making it a lot more convenient for customers.


Like a physical retail shop, if queues are long because the cash register is broken, customers will be extremely put off and impatient, and the dropout rate would rise as a result. In the same way, checkout processes in online shops should be systematic and straightforward to prevent such issues. Tackthis’s shop analytics tool allows you to save and manage customers’ checkout information so they can always checkout efficiently.

Also, the time taken for customers’ orders to reach them should be taken into account. Fast and efficient deliveries should be employed in order to keep customers happy and satisfied. As mentioned, this can be configured via ‘Tackthis’s built-in delivery system Ta-Q-Bin. Schedule your pickup times to save time and ensure your customers are aware of their order statuses.

On top of that, you can also offer customers cash-on-delivery services, or allow them to opt for self-collection at your retail store.

Now that all these are taken into account, do you think you’re ready to move on to the bigger and the better virtual world of business? If you are, begin your free trial with Tackthis now!

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