Brands are exploring new avenues and ideas to increase their customer base. Social commerce is one of these. The popularity of social media has led to increased awareness on this development.  It has added a new dimension to the trend of online shopping. Most of the brands have questions regarding the target audience of such stores and the nature of their offerings and products. A large number of these shops are a one stop destination for different kinds of merchandise. Because of these reasons, experts have emphasised on the convenience of purchasing from such portals.

Online Shopping

Online Store is becoming popular

Factors that can lead to sales:

  • Performance of an online store largely depends on the quality of interaction on the fan page. The portal should be such that people should be able to invest their faith in its offerings. This can be accomplished through the design aspect. Brands can use applications to design their store that reflects them in all ways. It should be such that people should be able to connect every aspect of the portal with the brand.  The portal should symbolise the brand. Appropriate templates that suit the nature of the brand are a good idea. It should blend with the products, but in a way that products can stand out.
  • Most of the brands started their shops, but had to stop their services, because they were unable to offer something unique that is not akin to the predictable online shopping experience. Purchases from a social shop are based on the recommendations received by people. Today if a woman likes a dress and makes a purchase, she will be able to share this with her friends and family. Because of this aspect, brands are able to reach out to a larger section of the society.
  • Gone are the days when people had to go to a shop. In the present day, brands are establishing a strong presence on social media platforms. This is where people spend a considerable period of time. It is a sensible move on the part of brands to create a store where they can find their target audience.
  • It is all about engagement and interaction. If a page can sustain the attention of fans, its store will be able to generate a considerable amount of sales. This is possible if a brand executes good marketing campaigns. Uniqueness is extremely important for a brand’s success. It should be able to stand out amongst its contemporaries. Relevant content can go a long way in increasing the popularity of a page. Brands should find out refined ways to link their fan page to their shop. This will redirect the customer to the home page of the store.

A lot has been said about engagement and interaction. Some of the pages that have been successful in communication with fans are celebrity pages. Some of the top most movies have their fan pages where special merchandise is retailed. These special and customised products have certainly widened the smiles of people looking out for a great online shopping experience.

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