Keeping customers happy is something all businesses must take into account. Other than making sure the quality of your products is good, and monitoring the quantity to prevent frequent “Out of Stock” situations, there are many other things to note in order to keep angry customers at bay.

With e-commerce, seeing to happy customers may be a little more challenging. Running an online business requires a much higher level of efficiency because of the fast-paced nature of online transactions. Also, with online purchases, customers incur more waiting time for their products to land safely in their hands – and this may just be the slippery slope down to impatience and unhappiness.

How then, do we keep our customers happy? Here’s a guide to help ensure that your customers are satisfied:

1. Schedule Delivery Timings

As mentioned, buying online means customers do not get their products instantly. In fact, they don’t get to touch or feel the products they are buying! Making customers wait long periods of time for ‘intangible’ products to arrive may not be the best idea.

Tackthis has a built-in delivery method to make sure that orders and delivery processes are on time and convenient for both you (the merchant) and the customer. Ta-Q-Bin is one of the delivery methods that allows you to schedule a pickup time for them to deliver your customer’s products.


This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to make a trip down to the post office yourself to mail out orders. With that, you can collate orders more efficiently and your customer’s orders will also be received without too much delay.

Happy customers, happy you!

2. Remember your Customers


Unlike brick-and-mortar shops where shop owners or retail staff can interact with customers, acknowledge them and remember who regular customers are, online businesses do not have the opportunity to get to know customers on such a personal level.

To ameliorate this situation, remembering your customer’s address and payment details, as well as his or her order history are good ways to let your customers know that you acknowledge them. This naturally makes customers feel more welcomed and it saves them the hassle of having to re-submit their mailing and payment information every time they make a purchase.

With quicker checkout processes, this raises the likelihood of a purchase as well.

Also, customers will feel happier with more efficiency, and the fact that you remember them as a customer makes them feel more important.

Tackthis enables merchants to remember customers’ information and order history easily.

order historyAs a customer, being able to view your order history makes you feel more secure and you are also more likely to believe that the shop you are buying from is reliable and has a sense of accountability.

Customers can check if their payments have been successfully made, and monitor the delivery status of their orders as well. This also allows customers to better estimate when their orders will reach them.

With more security and awareness of their order status, customers will feel more comfortable purchasing from you again in future.

As a merchant, you can track your customers’ order history simply by clicking on “Orders” in your admin dashboard, and then update the payment and delivery statuses of each order. This makes things a lot more organised, which enhances your efficiency as a merchant too.

This tool also allows you to keep track of who your loyal customers are so you can include them in a membership programme for example, or reward them with loyalty points for promotions and discounts on their future purchases.

On top of retaining your customers, you also keep them happy and satisfied with their rewards.

3. Reward your customers

rewardsOn this topic, rewards are almost always received with pleasure, and what better way to make your customers’ day than to offer them special discounts and promotions?

Exclusive member pricing can be one way to reward customers. If you think creating a membership programme is too much trouble, don’t worry at all – Tackthis has got you covered.

From loyalty points discounts, to members’ pricing, you can also reward your customers by offering coupon codes or bundle deals.

4. Answer your customers’ queries

queries (1)

This is another important thing to bear in mind when it comes to ensuring customers are satisfied while shopping with you.

First and foremost, providing detailed and accurate descriptions of your products will be helpful in answering any questions customers may have. Details include the materials, measurements, product care and etc.

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Also, providing clear images is crucial too. Close-ups and different angles of the product are especially useful in helping customers visualize a product accurately.

These can be done simply by editing your products under “My Products” in your admin dashboard.

Finally, allowing customers to contact you easily will be beneficial for both you and your customers. This can be done by filling in the Contact Us page under “My Pages” on your admin dashboard with your email address, company address and phone number.

It would be helpful if you could also provide alternative emails for specific questions such as, one for general enquiries, or one for feedback. This ensures more efficient and targeted answers for your customers, which will also help keep a customer pleased.

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To prevent having to answer repetitive questions, you can also make your terms and conditions clear, perhaps on a Terms and Conditions page. In addition, you can also include a page on Frequently Asked Questions. This can also be configured under “My Pages” on your admin dashboard.

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If you find answering customers’ queries time-consuming, Tackthis has just the thing for you! With the new Tackthis Concierge Plan, a trained and dedicated Tack Ambassador will not only help manage your online business, he/she will help to handle customer service as well.

So you don’t have to worry about dealing with angry customers – the Tack Ambassadors will do their best to make sure your customers are contented.

Undeniably, there are a lot more factors to consider in order to keep a customer happy. Also, every customer is different and there are bound to be customers that are difficult to satisfy.

However, these Tackthis tips will certainly ensure that majority of your customers are contented and happy 🙂

Good luck! 🙂

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