1. Long Product Descriptions

Do you have long product descriptions? Want your customers to have a comprehensive understanding on each product? Afraid that your product descriptions might be too long and disorganized?

A feature to classify your long product descriptions will come in handy. It helps to organize your descriptions in tabs. Classify “Product Description”, “Size Chart” and “Back Order”  in different tabs to keep each product page neat and tidy. You should provide as much description as possible because consumers LOVE reading descriptions, and it aids their decision making process.


2. Centralized Product Image

Do you have the problem with inconsistent product images? Do you find it a hassle to re-size every single product images before you can upload them onto your online shop? It’s so time consuming especially when you have over 500 products to sell and each products have more than 1 image! Imagine the horror!

A feature that’s able to centralize all product images will be helpful. It helps to zoom in slightly into your product images so you won’t have to fret over the different dimensions. Images are automatically centralized and fit into each product grid.  Take advantage of this feature to make things easier and convenient for you while your customers won’t notice a difference.




3. Customized Payment Option

To further increase flexibility and convenience, a customized payment option will be useful. Imagine your shop’s back-end system takes in a range of payment options – PayPal, Credit Cards, iBanking, and ATM Transfer. How about those payment options which are less popular? Each and every customer is as important. As the owner of an online business, you wouldn’t want to miss out the orders and payments from any customer. Gather feedback from your customers and find out the payment options they are most comfortable with. Then, make use of the customized payment option and offer them the choice they prefer. It’s free anyway, so you can add as many payment options as you like. Nothing is more important than allowing your customers to buy with ease and pay in convenience. Just remember to inform your customers the payment method you are offering and you are good to go!

Custom Payment


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  • Nicely shared. I completely appreciate views on proper alignment of the product for visitor’s easy understandability.