Many small to medium online enterprises use TackThis! as their primary online sales platform. From clean aesthetics to monitoring ease, here are seven reasons why every online seller should have TackThis! on their radar.

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  1. Aesthetics

Online stores like to have a certain feel about them, be it artsy and quirky, formal and clean, or proud and loud. This is achieved by how their website looks; a quick look-see around Etsy’s home page gives one a feel of exactly what can be bought from their shelves: vintage and handmade. TackThis! gives its users the freedom to design their storefronts without having to be fluent in coding; our talented developers are able to visualize and will execute store designs the way you’ll want it to look. Themes are readily available and customizable, and the entire premise of this store platform is that your brand should be front and center.


  1. User-Friendliness

TackThis! users will immediately notice upon enrollment that everything is straightforward and easy to understand. TackThis!’s developers have taken into account everything a shop owner needs to run his business, from inventory to payments to deliveries, even meta tagging for internet search engines. Options are also available for promos such as bundle sales or coupon prices. All the merchant has to do is fill out forms and select the correct drop-down options. Like a well-oiled machine, TackThis! will take care of adjusting inventory, recording payments, and arranging deliveries by itself.


  1. Pricing

TackThis!’s services are available for free! This is with a given limit of product posting, but this is easily expandable to 30 products and above, starting at PhP299 per month. This is a great deal, as all account types are inclusive of the store management kits. Even free accounts get to use TackThis!’s merchant and delivery systems.

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  1. Analytics

Developers at TackThis! have also been generous enough to gift users with analytics systems that inform merchants of the types of hits and view times their products receive in the length of time their products are posted on the TackThis! platform. This allows merchants to know which products attract the most attention, as well as which days of the month or week record the most sales or views. This can be helpful for many business owners to understand their respective markets and create or improve their targeted marketing strategies. 

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  1. Security

Merchants are allowed to set up payment options for customers on the Payments tab on TackThis!’s shop dashboard. A default setup is payment via PayPal, which means customers can pay for their items using their credit cards. Sellers may also enroll other payment methods such as bank deposit. Customers can be assured of security; no payments are actually made through the TackThis! platform or the merchant’s website. After finalizing delivery and payment options, customers are redirected to PayPal’s secure page wherein, and only then, do they give out credit card information. PayPal is a verified and encrypted site with an Extended Validation certificate, the standard by which internet security is checked.


  1. Integration

Many existing online sellers may not have the time to fully migrate their business onto an entirely new platform, especially if they have earned their reputation and customer base on a different platform altogether such as their own website or a hosted blog or social media page. TackThis! allows tacking onto certain sites wherein their TackThis! “catalogue” may be viewed from the seller’s original page or blog, without their customers having to be redirected to the TackThis!page. Many platforms are supported such as Facebook, LiveJournal, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix, and Google Sites. Tackability is also available for the use of third party sellers, as TackThis! may also be tackable to blogs and secondary merchant sites, provided that the primary seller allows certain permissions.


  1. Reputation

TackThis!, established in 2011, is Asia’s first social commerce platform and has been utilized by clothing brands such as Kaifiyyah and Praise. TackThis! has quietly made its way through different brands in different countries in Southeast Asia. Today, it is also used by some e-commerce brands in the United Kingdom.

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Bottom Line: the 2010’s have seen a steady increase in the volume of e-commerce websites and ventures. TackThis! is a complementary piece to every small to medium online enterprise that yearns its wares to be strut. It allows e-commerce to be comfortably tailored for the young student-merchant while being adaptive and flexible enough for budding moguls to mold multiple businesses with. TackThis!’s entrance in the retail industry is exciting and alive, as it is a fresh face borne out of a simple idea. It may very well be the go-to guy of future e-businesses in Asia and beyond, and at the rate it is going, the revolution may have already begun.