Starting an online business isn’t a piece of cake, and often times promotional tactics have to be used to gain some recognition for your brand.

Here are some promotional tactics you can use effortlessly with Tackthis:

1. Bundle Deal Promotional Tool

This tool allows you to create bundle deals for customers who wish to purchase more than one of your products, or for customers who are friends and would like to purchase your products together.

Under Bundle settings, you can decide which products and the quantity to be included in the bundle deal. They can be the same products, or different products. Just specify them under Product Coverage!

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This is a unique way to offer promotions to your customers, and it encourages customers to purchase more and/or introduce your shop to their friends in order to be eligible for the bundle deal promotion. It’s not only a slightly different way to offer a promotion, it’s an effective form of word-of-mouth marketing as well!

2. Coupon Code Promotion Tool 

For members, or customers on your mailing list, providing them with a coupon code is a good way to thank your customers for their loyalty to your shop.

This not only helps retain existing customers, it gives them more incentive to consistently open your emails or newsletters so they will always be updated about your shop.

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If you would like to offer a coupon code promotion for a special occasion such as the Great Singapore Sale, or Christmas for example, this is also possible with the Coupon Code tool.

You can design your own text that you would like your customers to enter as a coupon code to obtain a discount. It could be anything you like! You also get to decide the promotional value, whether you want a minimum purchase to be met before the coupon code can be applied, or whether you want to enable a usage limit or a time period limit.

3. Member’s Price Promotional Tool

Again, rewarding your customers for their loyalty is a good way to ensure they will keep returning to your shop to make a purchase. This can be done by creating a membership programme for your customers, and offering them specially discounted prices.

You decide who gets to be a member. Perhaps the customer has made at least 10 purchases at your shop before, or has spent at least $100 at your shop – it’s all up to you! You also decide the membership period – it can be anything from a month to 5 years!

Then, you can sort and rank the membership type and tiers.  Simply place the highest membership type as the first in order.

membership price

Here, a member is entitled to 5% off her shopping cart. What a great and easy way to encourage membership and sales!

Using the Member’s Price Promotional Tool, you can then determine the promotional value (5% for example, or a dollar-value) for your members, and decide if you would like to enable a minimum purchase before the promotion is applied, or set a time period or a usage limit for the member’s price promotion.

For your customers, they can also apply for member’s price simply by registering an account with you and requesting to be a member! This is a good way to enhance interaction and create a sense of exclusivity for the benefit of your customers.

Ultimately, membership programmes are beneficial to your business. First of all, it helps strengthen customer loyalty because of the sense of belonging members feel to your company. It also helps you gain revenue from your customers as they are motivated to spend more in order to qualify for different membership tiers. Finally, your shop will see more traffic because people are more likely to tell their friends about something they feel a sense of loyalty to.

4. Point Discount Promotional Tool

If you prefer using loyalty points as a way to incentivise loyal customers, this tool will come in handy.

point discount

You can pick a fun name for your loyalty points, and also customize the abbreviation for it. Customers can accumulate loyalty points according to the value you assign to each point. An example would be giving one loyalty point to every $1 spent.

Customers can check their loyalty points balance and use them to redeem discounts accordingly. You can also determine where you want the promotion to apply to – it can be a product, their total cart, delivery or payment.

This way, your customers’ loyalty to your shop will be enhanced and they will certainly be pleased with a rewarding experience like this when they shop with you.

You also benefit from offering loyalty programmes to your customers. Similar to a membership programme, you retain customers because of the sense of belonging they feel towards your business. In addition, you can gain more insights about your customers in order to employ better marketing tactics for different target markets.

Also, you can make use of loyalty programmes to enhance customer spending by providing them with incentives such as gaining more loyalty points for slow-moving products, or during time periods when business is slower than usual.

Lastly, you can reward your customers with loyalty points when they refer a friend to your shop as well! This way, you gain more traffic towards your shop too.

5. Promotional Price Tool

This tool is probably the most straightforward to use – and the best part: it can be used anytime you want, and it can be applied to any customer. Alternatively, if you want the promotion to only apply to members, that can be configured as well.

This is particularly useful during sales periods such as the Great Singapore Sale, or during special occasions like Chinese New Year or Christmas. You can set a percentage or a dollar-value discount for your products, delivery or payment.

clearance sale

price discount

Here, a clearance sale is occurring during a particular time period. This is where the setting to enable a time period is helpful in ensuring that the discounted price will no longer apply after 15 June 2015.

You also have the liberty of deciding which products the discount will apply to, as well as the value of the discount.

There you have it – a list of the easy-to-use promotional tools on Tackthis that will not only help you enable promotions and discounts hassle-free, you’ll also see higher traffic towards your shop and an increased amount of purchases too!

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