What’s an online store without a concierge service? We know that online proprietors are not supermen and women, and there is no need for you to be. We’ve got solutions to your problems and it’s in the form of our Concierge Service, a special program TackThis! implements that assigns virtual assistants to your account, letting you outsource some of the work needed in running an online store. Here are six reasons why TackThis!’s business butler is the buzz of the town.

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People, Not Robots

Tack Ambassadors are essentially the lifeblood of the TackThis! Concierge Service, as they are the men and women tasked with handling your business affairs for your online presence! Tack Ambassadors are not robots or an automated program: their presence creates a more personal look and feel, as they will essentially perform the tasks of a store assistant. They are also well-trained when it comes to customer service and store management, and will need zero to little additional training as it comes to your particular store. You’ll just have to give a few instructions and you’re all set!


Quick Feedback

Because Tack Ambassadors are actual people sitting in front of computer screens, feedback will speedy, reliable, and at all times, genuine. Tack Ambassadors will also have an intimate knowledge of your store, as they will be present from the store’s set-up stage to its dailies. Troubleshooting and queries should be fulfilled easily and more smoothly than ever, as Tack Ambassadors reply to all inquiries within 24 hours. A non-automated response is also a welcome detail, as this decreases the likelihood of your requests getting piled on; Tack Ambassadors are TackThis! experts, and they will be ready to answer your questions right away.


More Time For You

Many aspects of running an online store can be very time-consuming, such as setting up logistics. It is also very common for store owners to have more than one online store, each requiring just as much attention as the others. TackThis!’s Concierge Service lets store owners have a little more time on their hands to use as they please. Because certain aspects of store operations are outsourced to Tack Ambassadors, store owners can focus on the bigger picture, such as financials, product research, and non-virtual marketing campaigns. Think big, get big.

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Customers Are Always Right

Customer welfare is not sacrificed with the TackThis! Concierge Service as Tack Ambassadors also handle customer interactions. Tack Ambassadors’ responsibilities do not end with store setup and product management; customer service is also their forte, and store owners can rest easy knowing that their shop’s customers will be treated like royalty even if they’re away. Tack Ambassadors can also be tasked to market the products with respect to the shop’s customer demographics. They have targeted marketing know-how; all you have to do is ask.


Tailored Service

You as the shop owner retains total control of the store and the Tack Ambassador’s hold in it. Tack Ambassadors provide total solutions as needed and as requested by you. They will not touch anything you explicitly deem untouchable, as Tack Ambassadors will only handle operational features assigned to them by store owners, and they will only be there the way you need and want them to be. Tack Ambassadors will also be ready to give out advice on what parts of your online store need what kind of attention. They are qualified online shopkeepers and have knowledge on the complexities of online selling. Use their knowledge to your advantage and you will see what separates your shop from the rest.



Premium Features

Availing of the TackThis Concierge Service automatically qualifies your account for premium plan features. Premium plans have hefty coverage, including a personalized domain name, an unlimited amount of products, options for promotionals, and many more. Additional services will also be ready on hand for your needs, such as limited free product photography and exclusive Takatack marketplace features. It’s a little extra that helps place your online store a cut above the rest.

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The TackThis! Concierge Service is essentially an all-around assistant for the TackThis! platform. This service is designed for online shop owners who require total merchandising assistance – these are typically proprietors who have larger inventories and have been in operation for a longer period of time. The best part of the Concierge Service is that it is gives store owners the complete TackThis! experience; all components of the premium package will give your online store a premium look and feel, as if it were designed and encoded manually from the ground up, and yet will be easier than ever to set up and personalize according to your needs. The custom domain, membership plans, and tack-anywhere abilities are a marketing solution of their own right, and will help create excellent brand recall for your store.



Larger volume TackThis! users, as well as those whose stores have been in operation for a longer period of time and have a consistent recurring and growing clientele, will benefit the most from the Concierge Service because they typically handle a higher customer volume, and will require additional hands in the management and operations of their business. They also benefit greatly from the automatic premium account upgrade as larger operators typically have a larger market reach, and will effectively need more promotional, Tacking, and market visibility options.

All in all, the Concierge Service is just a means for us to help you make your online store as “You” as possible. We will be the extra pair of hands that help push your business over the top. This service may be availed of with a short phone call at +65 6778 0861 (for Singapore residents), as well as through here. We want to be partners with you so give us a ring! We’ll be there to make you your own boss.

  • A concierge service may not be for everyone. Some people will always choose to research and do things themselves, whilst some feel they just don’t need external help.But for those in the know, a concierge service can help them with every travel, lifestyle and leisure need that they don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to do themselves.