By now, we’re well aware of the extensive power of social media in increasing brand recognition, especially in e-commerce. Let’s take a look at these 5 social media success stories and draw some tips on how we can use social media effectively:

1. Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke

Coca-Cola made use of YouTube to encourage customers to share a coke with their neighbours. Not only is this in line with Singapore’s aims to build a more interconnected and harmonious community, it works because it’s highly relatable.

By featuring common folk in a neighbourhood setting, it makes us feel that anyone can be a part of this movement.

The use of a video is also crucial in capturing the attention of the audience, and it also successfully demonstrates the desired effect of this campaign – which is to encourage the purchasing of cokes for those around you.

Without this campaign, seeing coke bottles and cans with the words “Uncle” or “Babe” on them would likely puzzle customers. So this is where the video comes in – giving customers an understanding of the purpose and meaning of this new marketing tactic.

Also, YouTube allows for easing sharing on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and on blogs – which is a good way to reach out to a wider audience.

2. Citrusox

Image Credit: Citrusox Instagram

Image Credit: Citrusox Instagram

Citrusox’s Facebook and Instagram posts are effective in promoting their shop and their products. Besides frequently offering promotions and discounts to those who like and share their Facebook posts, they also share fashion tips on how to style their different kinds of socks and stockings on Facebook and Instagram.

Their use of colourful and attention-grabbing graphics adds to the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.

Image Credit: Citrusox Facebook

Image Credit: Citrusox Facebook

On top of that, they make use of Facebook to interact with customers as well. Customers can post their queries and their reviews on Citrusox products on the Facebook page and Citrusox will respond accordingly. This is a good way to engage with customers to build brand loyalty and retain customers!

3. Only Aesthetics

Only Aesthetics uses a slightly different method of social media marketing. They engage social media influencers’ help to promote their business. Their large online presence can be attributed to their interaction with a variety of social media influencers who represent different segments of their target market.

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

For example, through bloggers BongQiuQiu, Tammy Tay and Sophie Willocq, Only Aesthetics succesfully reaches out to youths and young adults who are more involved in new media platforms. Through TV personalities such as Huda Ali, they can also reach out to those who are more inclined towards traditional media platforms.

The influencers chosen are prominent on social media, and frequently do advertorials to share about new brands with their followers as well. This is an effective form of referral marketing through social media.

4. GoPro

Through this video of a fireman saving a kitten, GoPro takes on an emotional approach to appeal to the hearts of audiences. When you go “awwwww…”, you’re more likely to tell someone else about it – and this was precisely how their video went viral very rapidly.

The video not only aptly demonstrates the features and quality of the GoPro Hero, the content of the video is also closely aligned with their slogan “Go Pro, Be a Hero”.

Perhaps injecting a bit of emotions into your social media campaigns would be a good way to make a lasting impact on your audience. It is also crucial to ensure that the message you’re trying to promote is successfully put across to your target audience.

5. Arby’s 

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Finally, Arby’s tweet to Pharrell Williams proved to be a social media success with over 80, 000 retweets and almost 50, 000 favourites on Twitter – and it’s all because of good timing.

As Williams was live at the Grammy’s donning a particular hat, Arby’s tweeted this hilarious question, which certainly gave the brand (whose logo features a similar hat) quite a fair bit of attention and exposure. What made it even more successful was Williams’ reply to them the next day.

Therefore, scheduling your social media marketing campaigns is also an important point to take note of in order to achieve success.

Another point to note: interacting with celebrities (albeit cliché and somewhat over-used) is still a great way to gain more recognition as a brand. When celebrities are seen mentioning your brand, chances are their followers or their fans would take an interest to your business as well.

We hope these 5 social media success stories have inspired you!

Social media is free, easily accessible and highly influential – it would be wise to leverage on these benefits to effectively market your brand 🙂

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