It can be a daunting task for many entrepreneurs to strategize and commit to a marketing strategy, as it can take up time and resources to execute. With a limited budget, here are some online marketing strategies that will rock your boat but won’t break the bank.

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1. Affiliate Marketing

This takes a more social approach to the science, as affiliate marketing requires you to create relationships with other entrepreneurs, most importantly, those who cater to the same demographics you do, with, preferably, a small difference in location.

Affiliation basically lets you market to a network that is already catered to by storeowners who sell similar items to yours. It is an effective way to merge separate networks and create a larger pool of potential customers which affiliated businesses can market to. This form of network-sharing is popular in local fashion circles, especially stores that have dedicated blogs, as this is an effective and affordable way to sell your products.

TackThis! is well equipped for this strategy, as you can Tack your online shelves on an affiliate website and vice versa. Reach out to bloggers and other sellers in your community to discuss the viability of affiliate marketing schemes – ask if they are willing to Tack your site to theirs for free, and have their shelves Tacked on yours; find out what terms will work best for your partnership, as what works for one may not work for another. Viable marketing options also include putting advertisements in the form of banners, shout outs, and links to your stores.


2. Seasonal/Event-Based Promos

This is a marketing strategy already implemented by many entrepreneurs, as it is an effective way to be noticed, most especially if done correctly. Holiday and event promos associate themselves to a potential customer’s psyche, as many people are hardwired to celebrate events even in the simplest of ways such as treating oneself to a new article of clothing or collectible.

The most effective way to capture an audience through holiday promos is by following the theme of the holiday involved – examples would be to give discounted prices on red products on Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day, or buy one / take one deals for packing products such as attractive boxes, wrapping paper, and decoupage during the Christmas season.


3. Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtags are a means for netizens to assign arbitrary meta-tags to posts on social media for post recall, and these are most notably used on Twitter and Instagram. Meta-tagging is simply attaching a set of words that, when typed and searched on search engines, link back to your post or site. This is done with the intent of reaching out to audiences who are already interested in similar items or topics.

With Facebook and Tumblr following suit, hashtags have since become an engine for which a trend can be traced, hence the inception of viral posts. Viral posts are extremely rare and require a reach and capture of general audiences, but one does not have to go viral or even trend to reap the benefits of a good hashtag campaign.

A good hashtag is unique but not too unique, and in online selling, hashtag use shouldn’t be too liberal nor too targeted. Good hashtags attract clicks and have good recall value in the sense that it sticks in the minds of relevant users. The hashtag #nofilter, a phrase with no sense outside of context, is the world’s 12th most popular hashtag ever, with tags on over 140 million photos on Instagram. #fashion is the world’s 2nd most popular, with over 251 million photos tagged on Instagram. Point being, find the hashtags that are most likely to be viewed by your target markets; this can be an excellent and virtually free way to gather more audience which can translate to more customers.


4. Facebook Boosts

5 Online Marketing Strategies on a Budget -  03

Facebooks boosts help Facebook page managers to reach out to a more specific demographic, based on age and gender as well as liking habits. Minimum cost is PhP40 per 24 hours of boosting, with an estimated “like” generation of between 6 and 26 per day. Likes do not essentially mean automatic sales, but this kind of marketing generates audience, with a reach of around 12,000 to 17,000 for a daily budget of PhP236. Since likes automatically give you followers (unless likers manually unfollow your page), this can be a sustained source of captured audience. The wider your audience scope is, the higher probability there is for likes and eventually, actual sales.


5. TackThis! Promotions Tab

5 Online Marketing Strategies on a Budget -  03

Of course, the good guys at TackThis! produced a complete platform, inclusive of a free Promotions tab, wherein you can manage your promos for your products. Various promos can be opted for with an easy click of a button. TackThis! promo options can be used in conjunction with the marketing styles stated above: Coupon codes are very effectively disseminated with affiliate marketing and hashtag campaigns, while bundle deals work well with seasonal promotions. Tack Ambassadors of our Concierge Service are also very well-versed in handling promo setups and implementation, and you can assign this task to them with very little need for instruction.