Online selling is hard work

Some people think it’s just a matter of taking photos of your products and putting them up on a website, but it’s way more complicated than that. You have to carefully watch over your inventory, respond to customer queries, keep track of orders, deliveries, and make sure you’re receiving your payments.


Increasing your sales

On top of all your day-to-day operations, you also have to constantly rack your brain for ways to keep increasing sales. This is the tricky part, especially for sellers who don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on the side. Ads are expensive, joining bazaars can hurt the pocket, and getting a blogger or a web-famous personality can cost you some serious bucks. What’s an e-preneur to do?


Lucky you

Our experts at TackThis! have compiled a short list of tips to help online sellers of all experience levels prop up their monthly quota. The best part? The following suggestions are all quick, easy fixes that won’t require you to shell out any dough. Read on!

5 Tips to Boost Sales (Infographic)

Isn’t that easy? These tips are regularly used by both big businesses and startups alike, and we’re sure they’ll all work for you too.


Need more help?

Check out TackThis!, the e-retail solution that allows practically anyone to start an online store in minutes, manage their business with ease, and sell at prime online locations. It’s got all the tools an online seller could possibly need to run a shop efficiently, such as ready-to-use site templates, an order tracker, and a delivery scheduler all in one place—saving you lots of time and keeping your store organized.

With TackThis!

You can boost sales easily with just a few clicks, so you can focus on ways to drum up customer interest and connect with your customers. Adding another payment is super easy. Need to change your items’ prices to reflect a promo? You can do this conveniently plus you can even indicate the promo’s duration so you won’t have to type in the regular prices once it’s over! Thinking of creating a database to keep track of your clients? TackThis! does this for you too. Best of all, TackThis! has the ability to adapt your store to a variety of platforms—from standalone websites to social media, so you can reach more customers. Online selling has never been this stress-free!


Go ahead

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