We’ve mentioned how an About Us page is imperative to any online business, so now let’s discover what makes these 10 About Us pages stand out and how they have contributed to their respective e-commerce success:

1. Tumblr


Image Credit: tumblr.com

Image Credit: tumblr.com

Seamless, neat and interesting. I must hand it to them – the graphics are amazing.

First, you are asked to Log in or Sign up for a Tumblr account, and just when you start wondering what exactly Tumblr is, a quick click on a “What is Tumblr?” button at the bottom of the page OR a click on the down button will lead you to a witty little line explaining how Tumblr is so easy to use – it’s hard to explain.

However, they do provide short paragraphs of concise information, and end off with a little bit of humour – confessing that they lied because explaining wasn’t actually that hard, and you’re led to a Log in/Sign up page again.

This is a good way to encourage new sign-ups, and injecting some humour and wit is always a good way to draw visitors in and capture attention.

If you’re starting out and your goal is to get as many sign-ups as possible, this tactic may just be the way to go.

2. Citrusox

Image Credit: citrusox.com

Image Credit: citrusox.com

They begin by telling you where they’re from, what they believe in, and they let you in on their array of products available. Then, the two ladies behind the brand are briefly introduced, and a picture of the both of them is shown.

In the picture, they are seen laughing – a good indicator of who they are to visitors. They portray a friendly and approachable image, making visitors feel more welcomed and comfortable.

This is a good approach to instill a bit more trust in your customers, especially because of the barrier of anonymity in e-commerce.

3. Only Aesthetics

Image Credit: onlyaesthetics.com.sg

Image Credit: onlyaesthetics.com.sg

Besides a clean-cut design, Only Aesthetics makes use of social proof and testimonials to tell visitors who they are. Right in the centre of their About Us page is a testimonial indicating that they are a “Multi-award winning” brand.

They also provide a general description of what they do, and make known their philosophy as well.

Providing evidence of your success as a company is a great way to turn visitors into customers.

4. Putrimas Bridal

Image Credit: putrimasbridal.com.sg

Image Credit: putrimasbridal.com.sg

Simple and straight to the point, this About page gives visitors all the basic information they need.

Besides clearly describing their services, they also tell us about their philosophy, followed by a promise to customers.

This is an efficient method for both merchants and customers. For merchants, they can better reach out to their target market. For customers, they are able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

5. Green Pantry

Image Credit: greenpantry.com.sg

Image Credit: greenpantry.com.sg

Instead of focusing all about them, Green Pantry makes their About page all about you (the visitor/customer). They make it known that they desire to work for the benefit of you, for the needy and for oppressed communities.

Of course, they provided testimonials to pump up the credibility of their values and achievements as well.

Their ending statement: “Green Pantry means absolute commitment to quality …. because you want the best for your family and so do we.” further accentuates the “You” factor that differentiates their About Us page from the rest.

If you’re working for a good cause, or trying to promote a particular benefit for your customers, take it from Green Pantry!

6. Piktochart

Image Credit: piktochart.com





Image Credit: piktochart.com

Of course, a website that helps you generate infographics would use an infographic on their About Us page.

Their page appears to be one big infographic – with informative boxes, and testimonials. This is an interesting and effective way to provide visitors with all the information they need to get to know all about your business.

They didn’t provide any specifics with regards to who they are exactly, though, but that’s understandable because honestly speaking, it isn’t quite necessary.

For businesses that offer services like email delivery, generating infographics, more often than not, it doesn’t matter (to the visitor/customer) who’s doing all the work, as long as they do it well so good on Piktochart for thinking from their target market’s point of view.

7. Live School


Speaking of infographics, Live School makes their purpose clear and informative in an engaging way through the use of an infographic on their About Us page.

Having a lot of information to provide, laying them out in an infographic would be a good idea to make your page less wordy and more eye-catching.

Also, infographics often come in the form of an image, making it easy to click on and/or share on social media. This in turn, drives traffic to your site and creates more brand awareness too!

8. Jurong Frog Farm

Image Credit: jurongfrogfarm.com.sg

Image Credit: jurongfrogfarm.com.sg



This About Us page is unique because of the use of a third-person’s point of view to introduce the company, founder and the brand.

This tactic is good for you if you want to share with visitors all about your achievements and successes without sounding too much like you’re bragging!

Additionally, they tell visitors all about their values and social responsibilities to let us know what they take pride in. Finally, they list down their key milestones and achievements to enhance their credibility.

9. Praise

Image Credit: praisemytee.com

Image Credit: praisemytee.com

This local clothing brand’s About page is neat, short and sweet. A brief description of their journey thus far, as well as their current plans and aims for the future are all interesting ways to create an understanding about who they are and what they do.

The bulk of the page features an image of their signature product – graphic tee-shirts. This is a straightforward and succinct way to introduce their business.

If you are well aware of your niche, it might be a good idea to emphasize it on your About page.

10. The Nerdery

Image Credit: nerdery.com

Image Credit: nerdery.com

In contrast to Piktochart, The Nerdery focuses on letting visitors know all about their ‘Nerds’. By clicking on the faces of their staff, you can get to know each of them individually.

Not only does this add a touch of novelty to their site, it shows visitors that they value their staff – and what more their customers? It also gives off a more fun and casual vibe to visitors, ultimately making them appear more friendly and approachable – which is definitely beneficial for a firm of technical experts and consultants.

We hope these 10 About Us pages have given you some inspiration in one way or another and the tips and tricks we got from them will help you create your very own successful About Us page!

Good luck!

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